Commissioning Services

Aspecto’s Commissioning Experts have a wide experience in the area of medium and high voltage installations, transmission networks, power stations and industrial facilities. Our commissioning services include:

  • Medium - and High Voltage Switchgear Commissioning
  • Protection Relays Commissioning
  • Generator Protection & AVR Commissioning
  • Commissioning of SCADA systems
  • Instrumentation and Control Commissioning
  • Commissioning of Drives

To see the protection and SCADA systems we have successfully commissioned please click here

There are many reasons for working with Aspecto:

  • Project completion risks are reduced!

Our commissioning experts allow project managers to reduce the likelihood of a project becoming delayed or cost overrunning as we have in depth knowledge in the protection and automation area.  Our CEO and founder has 25 years experience in the field, including 10 years in the relay development of ABB and BBC. Our engineers have successfully completed more than 50 commissioning projects.


  • Commissioning time is reduced!

Aspecto can draw from a rich pool of experience, which allows us to reduce the commissioning time on site. We have our own technical support for issues that may occur during commissioning. This allows us to solve open points faster, prevent idle or waiting times and reduce time needed on site. Our highly specialized services and our technical support differentiate us significantly from many generic manpower supply companies.


  • Less manpower is needed on site!

Nowadays it is popular to use protection systems from different manufacturers in one project to increase protection accuracy. Project managers can reduce the manpower needed on site by using Aspecto’s commissioning services as our engineers have a broad system experience. We can commission nearly all the protection systems on the market and we have experience with IEC61850.


Complete MV and HV Commissioning Solutions