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The SA10 unit is designed to be used together with a notebook computer even if some fundamental test can be done stand-alone. Advantages with the notebook solution are many, versatility, customisability and simplicity. Just carry the notebook computer to your office and set up tests, analyse test results, print test reports etc.


Together with the BTS11 software, a notebook computer and a printer this is the most reliable, capable, accurate and easy to use circuit breaker field test equipment available on the market. Experienced enginneers and service personnel have used the SA10 for many years in some of the worlds toughest environments and it is well established on the world market.


Some SA10 Features

  • Fully compatible with our factory line test equipment
  • No panel switches, just two push buttons Open and Close
  • Supports both digital and analougue transducers
  • The only field test equipment with a built-in micro ohm measuring function. 200A! 
  • Possibillity to use the “first trip” analysing method 
  • Weighs only 11,6 kg/26 lb
  • Automatic measurement of coil and motor current/voltage

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